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Jeep Compass Car Mats

Jeep Compass Car Mats - The 5-seater SUV is a great vehicle for long traveling and offers plenty of options. While a Jeep Compass is beneficial in different ways, its interior still needs protection from any debris or dirt from the outside. The best way to protect any car interior is with the right floor mats. For a Jeep Compass, all-weather floor mats are great mats to apply in the interior. There are plenty of options for floor mats to meet your interior needs, but, if you want a floor mat that is durable against different elements, consider our Diamond Stitching Custom Luxury Car Mats Set.

With our Jeep Compass floor mats, there is one thing you can be sure of, and it's absolute interior protection. Each floor mat contains a material that makes it different from other floor mats and is designed specifically to fit any vehicle. To know what our luxury car mats have to offer you, here is a complete description of the product.

jeep compass car mats

What Our Diamond Stitching Custom Floor Mats Offer You

The first thing to note with our floor mats is that they are scratch-resistant and waterproof due to their deep ribs to hold water. So, no matter what kind of mud, snow, or other debris gets on any floor mat, they can be easily removed. To give a further explanation on how each floor mat can protect and carpet your Jeep jeep compass floor matsCompass interior, here is a complete description of the layers of material contained within them:

  • Layer 1 and 2: The top two layers contain vegan leather and soft memory foam for extra durability and comfort.
  • Layer 3 and 4: Below the top layers are a polypropylene Resin and soft sponge, with a hard-wearing and durable feature.
  • Last Layer: For the final layer, it holds a honeycomb anti-skid base to keep the floor mat in place.

Aside from features that protect your interior from any mud, snow, or any other debris getting into your Jeep Compass interior, our diamond-stitched floor mats also feature a design that makes it unique. All our custom luxury floor mats feature deep ribs and a selection of colors for you to pick and match with your Jeep Compass interior.

Aside from this, our floor mats are manufactured with digital laser measurements to ensure a perfect fit for any vehicle. In addition to providing a perfect fit to carpet your Jeep Compass floor, our floor mats provide more coverage to carpet your vehicle floor in comparison to other floor mats.

Simply put, our floor mats feature deep ribs that help hold water and make mud an easy clean while also being a comfortable and stylish carpet for your Jeep Compass' floor. We provide an array of options we can ship for your Jeep Compass. With our Diamond Stitching Custom Luxury Car Mats Set, you can find more benefits than with other slush mats or husky liners to fit your Jeep Compass. 

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