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Edward Ellison

Edward Ellison - Expert

In the realm of diamond stitching car mats, custom trunk mats, and luxury cargo liners, I, Edward Ellison, epitomize quality and expertise. With over twenty years in the American market, my name has become synonymous with trust.

My passion for cars, particularly the intricate details like plush upholstery and bespoke mats, led me to specialize in premium car mats and cargo liners for the elite. My knowledge, spanning from top-grade leather to exquisite fabrics, ensures every product I recommend is both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

I prioritize genuine advice, guiding clients to products that blend beauty with functionality. My commitment is unparalleled, frequently collaborating with manufacturers to fuse luxury with practicality. Numerous endorsements from luxury car manufacturers and satisfied clients vouch for my position in the industry.

For the best in luxury car accessories, trust the blend of my passion, expertise, and the quality of CarMatsCustoms.com.



Car Mats Customs
Strandvejen 60
2900 Hellerup
Please reach out to me by writing an e-mail to support@carmatscustoms.com





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