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Can You Put Car Mats In The Washer?

There are different ways to take care of car mats, whether rubber car mats or fabric car mats. When it comes to learning how to clean car mats, there are different factors to consider. For one thing, are you working with carpet car mats or plastic car mats? A large difference comes with caring for rubber mats and car floor mats with layers of materials in them.

Can You Put Car Mats In The Washer

To wash car mats and keep their quality, there are different things to note. If you want to wash rubber car mats or are dealing with a new car mat set, you need to understand the proper methods for cleaning them. Sometimes, it can help to ask questions like "can you put car mats in the washer." The short answer to that is no.

The Don'ts of Washing Car Mats

You may wonder, why shouldn't you put car mats in the washer? While some car mats like rubber mats and cloth floor mats can be easy to clean, it does not mean they can be cleaned in the washer. If you put rubber car mats in the washer, you risk the chance of damaging them. This is because high water temperatures in the washer can damage the bonds between the material and cause it to crack.

Can You Put Car Mats In The Washer

If you really want to wash car mats, the only viable ones are those with cloth materials. It can be overkill to put rubber floor mats in the washer too, so the best option in cleaning your car floor mat set is to not the best cleaning methods.


Now that you know it's a wrong move to put your rubber mat set in the washer, what is the best way to wash them? One of the best ways to wash a rubber car mat set is through hand washing or a pressure washer. There are plenty of ways to clean different car mats.