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How To Keep Car Floor Mats From Sliding?

Floor mats have plenty of benefits but like any other accessories, it also has a few cons to look out for. Depending on the type of floor mat set you install to your car floor, you will have to look out for shifting. If you have a set of car mats that move around too much, you can end up with an inconvenient car accessory. Whether you have lightweight floor mats or heavy-duty floor mats, knowing how to prevent slipping floor mats can help your car floors in the long run.

How To Keep Car Floor Mats From Sliding

Even if you have a car carpet, knowing the proper care for any car accessory is good to have. That being said, there are different options for keeping your car mats in place depending on the type of floor mats you have installed. A floor mat set can range from rubber floor mats to weathertech floor mats. To prevent sliding car mats, you need to know what methods are applicable to your floor mat set.

Methods to Keep Your Floor Mats from Sliding Around

There are plenty of tools and tricks to keep car floor mats from sliding around. From carpet tape to floor mat clips, there are several options you can use to keep your floor mats in place. The best method, however, also depends on what kind of car mats you have, whether they are new floor mats or not.

How To Keep Car Mats From Sliding

Among the different methods, you can use to prevent shifting car mats, these are some of the tools you can use:

Floor Mat Clips: Otherwise known as floor mat anchors, these are clips designed specifically for keeping car mats in place. The way they work is that they are installed into the car floor, then a piece is applied to the floor mat/car mat to clip them together. These floor mat anchors are generally made from plastic though and may not be compatible with a lot of floor mats.

Double-sided Carpet Tape: Using carpet tape is one of the easiest ways to keep car floor mats in place. As a sticky material, double-sided carpet tape works on all kinds of floor mats. All you have to do is apply a few horizontal strips of car tape, peel the strips and apply pressure as you press the floor mats to the car floor. Carpet tape is not always foolproof though; depending on the type of floor mat, carpet tape may not last long.

Hook-And-Loop Fasteners: Another name for this item would be velcro strips. This item is ideal for more lightweight floor mats. It keeps your car mats from shifting too much and is fairly easy to install. The downside with this item is that it can be tricky to remove if you want to install new floor mats.

These are just some of the more useful options to keep in mind if you are dealing with sliding floor mats. Choosing some quality heavy-duty mats is one of the easier solutions, especially if they are floor mats with a non-skid mat underlay. It also helps to know which tools may end up affecting your vehicle's floor. Overall, if you have sliding car floor mats, there are different items that can help and several options you can choose for a solution.

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