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How To Clean Car Mats?

There are different accessories that help with the maintenance of your vehicle's interior. When it comes to your vehicle floor, the best option is to have a quality set of car floor mats. You'll find there are plenty of floor mats you can use for your vehicle floor ranging from rubber car floor mats to carpeted floor mats and even cloth car floor mats.

While there are plenty of benefits that come with different floor mats, there is a point where they will accumulate messes. When this happens, you'll need to know how to properly clean car floor mats to prevent anything from seeping into the accessories. Whether you have rubber floor mats, cloth floor mats, or anything else, there are different processes involved in cleaning them.

Different Types & Process Involved

The process of cleaning car floor mats is not that hard, but it can vary depending on the type of floor mats you have. For example, with rubber mats, you'll need a good set of brushes and cleaning solutions but with cloth mats, you may need a steam cleaning vacuum.

how to clean car mats

It can also depend on the type of mess that's on the floor mats. From loose dirt to spills and other debris, there are various messes that can be dealt with in different ways for all kinds of mats as follows.

Rubber Floor Mats

Rubber car floor mats, in comparison to other types of floor mats, are generally not that hard to clean. Cleaning rubber car floor mats usually involves a stiff brush, cleaning solution, and water. Rubber mats generally trap dirt easily and usually need a good scrub once in a while.

When it comes to drying them, it helps to use a leaf blower and microfiber wipe for small crevices in certain rubber mats.

Cloth Car Floor Mats

In comparison to rubber floor mats, cloth floor mats require a deeper clean. To clean car floor mats that have carpeting for their material, it helps to have a carpet cleaner at hand or other cleaning products like washing powder or baking soda. Depending on the size and durability of your cloth floor mats, you can even consider using a washing machine or power washer.

how to clean floor mats

Once your cloth floor mats are cleaned, you want to make sure the floor mats dry completely first. That way, you can ensure nothing sticks to your cloth floor mats. Basically, a deep wash, scrub, and heavy drying are the key things to remember.

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