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How To Make Rubber Floor Mats Black Again?

Rubber floor mats are one of the many types of car floor mats you can choose from as interior accessories. They come in a range of designs that include all-weather floor mats and generally come in black color. Do you know that if you're not careful with rubber mats, they can lose this color? Taking care of rubber car mats is not overly difficult but if you don't know the proper cleaning method, you can end up damaging them.

How to make rubber floor mats black again

The Proper Care for Rubber Floor Mats

The first thing to know on how to make rubber floor mats black again is that there are dos and don'ts. Unlike carpeted floor mats, rubber mats do not necessarily require a cleaning solution. Rather, to clean rubber car mats, having a microfiber towel, garden hose, and vacuum cleaner can be sufficient. It is also important that you have a rubber protectant, preferably, Turtle Wax.

How to make rubber car mats black again

Rubber floor mats, like any other, have a step-by-step cleaning process. Once you remove the floor mats from your car interior and give them a good shake, make sure to vacuum them out of any loose dirt and debris. You'll then want to wash them by spraying them with a hose or a pressure washer. There is also the option to use a mixture of dish soap and water. If you happen to be at a car wash, you can alternate between a power wash and a soap hose.

After drying and removing any excess moisture with a microfiber towel or soft cloth, that is when you apply the rubber protectant. With the proper care, your rubber mats can last longer than expected.


Cleaning rubber floor mats or any floor mats come with different methods and tools. From a soft bristle brush to baking soda, there are different tips and tricks to maintaining the quality of your car accessories. You can also explore questions like "how to dry car floor mats" and "can you put car mats in a washing machine?" Whether they be all-weather mats or floor mats with a foam pad, knowing the proper way to take care of them is key if you want them to last.