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How To Wash Floor Mats?

Floor mats are car accessories that come in a range of sizes and styles with various features. No matter what kind of car floor mats you get, whether it be rubber car floor mats, carpeted floor mats, or cloth car floor mats, knowing how to maintain them is important to keep in mind. There are several ways to maintain different types of car mats. If you don't know how to clean car floor mats properly, you risk the chance of having your car mats wear down faster.

How To Wash Floor Mats

Knowing how to take care of car floor mats depends on what kind of floor mats you have. There is a large difference between cleaning rubber car floor mats and cloth floor mats. For example, if you try to clean rubber floor mats the same way as cloth floor mats, you may not get all of the messes that tend to seep into rubber mats. Out of the different types of floor mats you can install in your car interior, it is key to know the proper cleaning method for rubber mats and cloth mats.

How to Clean Car Floor Mats

Different floor mats come with different cleaning methods. Some car mats need a carpet cleaner and others need a steam-cleaning vacuum. If you want to maintain clean car mats and avoid any wear down, here are some things to know on cleaning specific car floor mats:

Rubber Car Floor Mats

Compared to other types of car floor mats, rubber floor mats tend to need different tools for proper cleaning. Some of the tools you'll need for washing car mats with rubber materials are as follows:

  • Car washing shampoo (a pH neutral type is best)

  • A Microfiber Wash Mitt

  • A bucket

  • A hose

How To Wash Car Mats

The first step to cleaning any set of rubber floor mats is to remove it from the car's interior and remove any loose debris by using either a vacuum cleaner or simply whacking the mats. Once that's done, you'll want to place the mats on a flat surface for a thorough cleaning. If there is any stuck debris, a good rinse or the use of a power washer can help. Cleaning car mats like rubber mats generally involve a good scrub with soap and water. When you clean rubber mats, you'll want to ensure a good soak and soap wash before you dry them.

Cloth Car Floor Mats

Cloth floor mats are one of the more challenging types of floor mats to clean. Even if they are like a carpet, using a carpet cleaner will not cut it. Cloth car mats require thorough vacuuming and cleaning. When you vacuum the mats, make sure to vacuum the car floors as well, lest you end up with loose dirt affecting your car's interior. If you want to deep clean your cloth mats, you can try your hand at a DIY carpet cleaner. A good cleaning solution can also help.

To make sure the cleaning solution seeps in, you'll need a stiff scrub brush. Once you're sure there are no remaining dirt particles, you can dry the cloth mats and vacuum them for extra measure. Whether you have cloth car floor mats or a carpet floor mat set, a thorough cleaning is key to prevent damage.


There are various methods to clean car floor mats depending on the type of floor mats. A thorough washing and vacuuming can be good, but it doesn't apply to all mats. When cleaning anything, even car floor mats, there is a set of dos and don'ts to remember.

If you are unfamiliar with "how to clean car floor mats" in general, it can help to check things like, "can you put car mats in the washing maching?" Either way, cleaning floor mats is a key process to know to maintain any good set of floor mats.